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Monday, December 05, 2005

Christmas Traditions

I've been cursing the live Christmas tree three years in a row. Every year I'd swear I could still feel pine sap under my fingernails until Valentine's Day. But when I mentioned getting a fake one this year my son's face fell. "No, Mom, we need a real one." His position reversal came when I explained that an artificial tree can be up for as long as we want and it won't die. Of course this prompted begging before Thanksgiving, could we put it up NOW? Could we, could we, it won't die, you know! Forget it, kid, too early.

It all reminded me of when I was a kid and would do the same thing. My mother had a fake tree and every year we'd chip away at her time bubble and the tree would go up a little earlier. She had this ancient stereo turntable the size of a cedar chest and she'd put on Christmas albums (yes, dearies, the old vinyl records) while we decorated the tree. My Dad would come home and roll his eyes, Oh, God, it's too early for the tree, but withing a few minutes he'd be smiling indulgently. It was the same with pets, too. Whenever someone brought home a kitten he'd growl about it but by the end of the day the animal was in his lap, purring.

It's hard living so far away from family so I try to continue with these things, for myself as much as my son. Cookie baking is another tradition that I just have to continue. In a world that is so rushed and processed the simple things like spending time together and baking are the most satisfying to me.


Blogger Betty S said...

One year I got tired of everyone in the family disappering when it came time to take down the massive amount of Christmas decorations. My frustration level reach a breaking point and I determined to leave the tree up until someone was willing to help me take it down and return it to the attic. (A bigger job than it sounds) It stayed up until August when I threw a screaming fit and announced there would be no decorations during the coming Christmas because "I...Had...Had...Enough!
When I returned from the grocery store, the tree was put away.
Bah Humbug.
I really hate Christmas.

6:22 PM  

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