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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

So that was Christmas

Two days later, I'm finally talking about Christmas. Sorry, I was hungover and had to recuperate. No, not from wine, but from noise. That's okay, a noisy Christmas is a good one! Out of everything Kevin got this year he was the most excited about the books (YAY), the drum set Dad got him (it's in the garage for soundproofing) and a mechanical parrot that repeats everything you say to it. That was a last minute gift, is the most obnoxious thing in the universe and is endlessly entertaining for everyone. Of course the louder you talk the more clearly it imitates you, so much yelling ensued. Last night the men figured out how to make it sound like it was breaking wind. Fortunately it has an off switch.

One of his new toys turned out to take size "C" batteries. Who uses "C" batteries anymore??? Of course, the only one I didn't have. Walgreen's was open so I stocked up only to find the flipping toy doesn't work. Santa needs to tighten up on quality control.

I started monitoring the Boston Globe, waxing nostalgic about the town names but I had forgotten about the blue laws, which prohibits all stores -- except for convenience stores and gas stations -- to be open on Sundays or holidays. Super 88 is protesting the law, which I've always thought was stupid anyway, by staying open on Christmas. Sundays on Cape Cod were boring enough as a kid, not being able to go to the mall just added another boredom dimension.


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