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Monday, January 02, 2006

I need an ark

Normally I don't mind the rain, but today we have rain of biblical proportions. This afternoon it was raining sideways, a window screen blew out of the window (yes, blew) and one of my shrubs in the back yard keeled over, probably from ground saturation. 360 days out of the year I wish I lived in a remote canyon, then it rains and I'm glad I don't have to worry about mudslides and boulders tumbling into in my backyard.

I can't help thinking Reggie hates this weather, too. Wait, you don't know who Reggie is? He's famous! He's the alligator in Harbor City who has been eluding captors since May. He's made a monkey out of half a dozen professional gator wranglers and folks have pretty much given up catching him for the moment. He has his own blog right over here at blogspot. I have to say, Reggie's pretty eloquent for a reptile. I hope someone brought him a frozen chicken for Christmas. His owner got slapped with a bill from the city for releasing him into the wild in the first place. Serves him right. As a former cop he should have known better. Of course maybe that's why he's no longer a police officer.


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